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Making Marriage Work

Here’s a “Marriage First-Aid Kit” that will work for anyone willing to use it. Rooted in Biblical truth, it offers easy-to-use problem analysis for husbands and wives along with clear and practical steps for reconciliation and restoration. Just like you, God desires to see your marriage reach its potential, and this booklet can help you begin a new way of life with your partner.

Dr. Petersen contends that there are no unhappy marriages…only partners that are not growing, learning, admitting, confessing, changing. In Making Marriage Work he recognizes that,
“Every marriage has problems. Children. Money. Sex. In-laws. You name it. Love, communication, and understanding are needed.”

This 32 page interactive booklet helps you identify issues, provides understanding, and gives tools to strengthen your marriage.

You Are Really Somebody

So many of us struggle with feelings of inadequacy that makes us question ourselves, even in the simplest of situations. Are you a person who consistently wonders if you measure up as a friend, mate or provider? Do you doubt your value but desire to know you are appreciated and unique?

Dr. Petersen presents the challenge and the answer.

A major problem of our time is an epidemic of self-doubt and self-hate. A sense of being without worth lies at the root of almost all our personal, moral, and spiritual problems. Our actions, feelings, even abilities are always consistent with this self-image. We act like the person we perceive ourselves to be. This mental blueprint can be redrawn, resulting in a most exciting discovery for your life and marriage, your present and future, your relationship with God and others. The truth in this booklet is dynamite! But, even dynamite doesn’t explode without lighting the fuse.

This 32 page interactive booklet helps you identify issues, understand yourself, and take action to begin to unlock your God-given potential.

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